Tech Roadmap

To leave Lucknow


- To be done by 30th april
- 10 days full testing till 10th may
- No release without maintenance team(preferably interns: 2 front, 2 backend)


- Manual monitoring of current algorithm
- If needed, improve it


- Make a proper pipeline so that supply items can be tracked
- Dashboard to keep track of supply items
- Dashboard to send warning to supply team before items exhaust
- Generation of daily report of items


- Dashboard to read invoices
    -- To cater urgent deliveries from demand team

Targets to grow in North India


- Remove dependency from Zoho
- Build own database management system
- Build own administrator panel and integrate with Android application


- Integrate with Raven (10,000 otp free for testing): (talk with CEO in progress)
- High availability
- In future
    -- Build self otp generation system


- Streamline supply into a multi dependency system
    -- so that, to cause a fraud multiple nodes have to be compromised
- Complete supply items tracking system
- Scale up items unavailability warning


- Complete caching in application to build low latency system enough to work fast in 2G network
- Complete data collection system
- Complete recommendation engine
- Complete multiple address features and multiple warehouse availability


- Synchronise delivery across multiple warehouses
- Synchronise items across multiple warehouses
- Proioritise orders for premium vendors
- Optimise fuel efficiency of vehicles by splitting up single order based on weight

Data to be fetched and use cases

Location of shops

- Can be used as landmarks
- Suggestion of restaurants(separate service for common people who are not vendors)

Quantity of orders and consumption patterns

- Will help in prediction of price movement of items
- Will help in determining prices of own brand items
- To predict whom to push when new products are launched
    -- basically ad marketing for physical goods
- Classify vendors based on scale of business

Return pattern of items

- Detecting quality of items being provided by suppliers
- Detecting fraud vendors
- Detecting delivery fraud and issues based on rating, feedback and delivery time